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  • Michael Savage “Ebola is Obama’s Katrina,” Savage told his listeners this week. Not only is the president mishandling the crisis, said Savage, he’s compounding it by “preparing a secret surge of millions of immigrants” from Central America, Liberia and Haiti, where “tuberculosis is endemic” (Free audio). Savage also watched the media coverage of the terror attack at Canada’s [...]

  • (LONDON DAILY MAIL) As a demonstration of how well-drilled New York City officials are in how to deal with Ebola, it left a lot to be desired. Two New York City police officers who attended the Harlem apartment building of Dr Craig Spencer – the first confirmed Ebola case in the city – were observed afterward [...]

  • A singer of Christian worship music who ignited a hellfire of controversy due to his belief that events in the Bible’s Book of Genesis did not actually take place is now denying he’s an “apostate,” “heretic” or “false teacher.” As WND reported, Michael Gungor of the band Gungor became a lightning rod of wrath for suggesting [...]

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